At napkin marketing, our goal is to help businesses we believe in get results. This is the first in a series featuring our clients, their mission and how they are transforming their websites and marketing strategy in the midst of the COVID pandemic. 

We’re proud to help Manifold and Polaris, a Canadian analytics and SaaS marketing data leader, update their corporate branding and website and pivot their business and marketing strategy. Here’s their story.

About the Client

Founded by Mathematician, Zhen Mei, Manifold is a specialist in consumer data, analytics, and predictive modeling. Working with data at the 6-digit postal code level for Canada, the company powers marketing intelligence with smart data, in-depth analytics, and Polaris Intelligence, their self-service SaaS analytics app. Their goal is to help clients transform big data and AI-powered quantitative analysis  into actionable insights. With clients that include Deloitte, the Canadian Red Cross, Canada Post, and AIG, Manifold provides data insights across more than 600 industries.

About the Project

After about 20 years in business, Manifold’s original logo and website needed some work! They came to us in search of a contemporary logo and a modern website that effectively translated their complex data services and products and made them exciting to prospective clients. Our challenge was to figure out the best way to tell Manifold’s story in a creative and innovative way.

One major challenge was translating the complex work Manifold and Polaris do in their data analytics business into non-mathematician language, so that layperson visitors to their site will understand, engage with and inquire about their services. The other challenge was turning the website into a high converting SEO-ranking, sales funnel to generate leads for the client and allow prospects to “sample” the data and inquire for more, especially important during COVID where your only interactions with clients may be virtual.

Branding and Corporate Identity



We took a deep dive into Manifold’s analytics business as well as their SaaS product, Polaris Intelligence to understand the nature and impact of what they offer. First, we had to understand their customers and their needs as well as the product offering. By addressing the information architecture, we were able to organize their data offerings into more relevant categories that spoke to different target industries’ needs, as well as offer “data samples” to potential clients.

To help them re-brand their analytics business, we started by honing in on the message and core value they are delivering – which was consumer insights for marketers. The new tagline, “Fuelling Marketing Insights” was developed by our team. We also redesigned the logotype and icon to reflect this value proposition. We created an icon, which is a pie chart made up of dots to showcase their analytics products and the vast number of data points they work with. Because the pie chart is round, it also fits perfectly as the “o” in the Manifold.

Next, we needed to find the right color scheme. We ultimately chose yellow and black because the combination mirrored how Manifold highlights demographics within its systems for their clients. Also, yellow creates a contemporary feel that “pops.”

Completing those tasks gave us the branding foundation we needed to overhaul the website. It now reflects a fresh, clean aesthetic. Moreover, it effectively tells the story of Manifold’s products and services, letting customers see the diverse set of data offerings and explore the applications of that data for helping uncover consumer insights and making smarter business decisions.

Want to see more? Visit our Polaris Intelligence and  Manifold Portfolio Pages


The team at Manifold is thrilled with the award-winning outcome. Before working with us, the quality of their image did not match the professionalism of their firm and the quality of their products and services. Now, they feel proud to direct prospects to their website.

In addition to looking great, the new website design contributed to an increase in traffic of 76%, a number Zhen Mei, the Mathematician Founder and President, can appreciate.

Awards and Accolades

napkin performed an outstanding award hat trick on a global scale. Our website design for analytics and SaaS company, Manifold Data Mining (“Manifold”) impressed the judges netted 3 design awards.

We won the Gold Vega Digital “Centauri” Award in the Science/Technology category as well as the Vega Corporate category. The Vega Digital Awards seek to recognize and honor the outstanding performance, talent, and effort of digital creatives around the world. We also won the 2020 Communicator Award of Excellence in the category of Websites-General-Marketing. With more than 6,000 entries received from around the world, the Communicator Awards is the largest and most competitive awards program honoring creative excellence for communications professionals.

A Word From the Client

“Working with napkin was a pleasure. The team at napkin helped us elevate our stale brand from something dated to something modern and fresh. napkin helped us with website design and development as well as with product brochures. Their advice, although at times conflicted with our thinking, was always on trend and the right way to proceed. napkin kept us informed with their progress through regular meetings and were very cooperative in integrating our team’s input. We have received wonderful feedback from our clients and are thankful to napkin for helping us in an area where we have little expertise.” Jannis Mei, CEO, Manifold Data Mining Inc.

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