Social Media MarketingIncrease loyalty, leads, and sales with professional social media management.

Thoroughly managing social media sites can lead to a lot of amazing things. When you connect with consumers, your business becomes personable and friendly, which is essential in building long-lasting relationships and creating loyal customers. Your accounts can also add to branding efforts, and display your company’s unique personality in a way that resonates with readers. Along the way, you’ll funnel people to your traditional website, improve SEO, generate leads, and increase sales, too. However, it takes a solid social media strategy, as well as a lot of engaging posts, interactions, likes, and retweets, before you’ll have a thriving community of devoted followers. For that, there’s napkin marketing’s social media management services.

napkin marketing’s Social Media Management Services Covers All the Bases

Facebook: Though times have changed, Facebook remains the most popular social network on the web. More than 70% of adults have a Facebook account, which makes it a great place to interact with almost every target audience.

LinkedIn: Over the years, LinkedIn has grown into a powerhouse of a social network. It tends to attract an educated or affluent audience, and is a good place to target if you want to reach people who can influence the community.

Twitter: Quick exchanges of information have made Twitter the top choice for those on-the-go. Tweets, retweets, and responses to mentions can keep your audience engaged.

Google+: More than 300 million people are actively +1ing, and the Google+ audience is diverse.

Pinterest: Many companies can benefit from an active Pinterest account. It can showcase merchandise, how-tos, infographics, industry info, and more.

Instagram: The popularity of Instagram has actually surpassed Twitter. Consider using Instagram to reach your younger audience, using high-quality images and hashtags.

YouTube: Although most people think of YouTube in terms of posting marketing videos (we produce marketing/ explainer videos, too!) and improving SEO, it’s also a thriving community. It’s a beneficial to keep up with your fans, to stay active in the comments, and to comment on other videos in the community, too.

Other Platforms: Our social media marketing services cover just about every network out there. If you need help with a platform not discussed here, let us know.

napkin marketing Also Provides a La Carte Services to Accompany Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

Generally, our social media management services and software tools come as a package, designed to strategically place you in the right conversations with the right people, to build buzz and interest for your business. We set up and manage your company’s professional online presence, and create relevant “sticky” content to improve your brand profile, and engage your target audience. However, we also provide some additional services by themselves, to amplify the effects of your regular campaign.

  • Facebook Contests
  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Group Outreach
  • Twitter Contests
  • Twitter Chat Participation
  • LinkedIn Group Set Up and Management
  • LinkedIn Ads


Get Measurable ROI for Your Social Media Sites

The goal of our work is to strategically tap into your customer’s social network and build an online community. We aim to attract and interact with a target community of fans, leads, and potential new clients, gain increased visibility for you on search engines, and ultimately drive more traffic to your website, and more leads to your business. On Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, we can track your followers, comments, and how much traffic the profiles drive to your site, provided we have access to your Google Analytics. napkin marketing will regularly monitor your results in real time, and report monthly so you can evaluate the ROI of social media for your business.