Email Marketing & CopywritingReach and Convert More Clients in a Cost-Effective Way

When you want to reach your target directly, email marketing is an efficient, cost-effective, and personal way to break through. Custom email marketing campaigns, created by a professional Toronto email marketing company are essential when you want to portray your brand with credibility.  At napkin marketing, we do this and so much more, to ensure your message reaches its target audience and inspires recipients to take action.

MAILCHIMP AND CONSTANT CONTACT EXPERTS: As MailChimp and Constant Contact email marketing specialists, napkin marketing can design and develop custom, targeted email campaigns that are sure to engage your prospects and customers.  Our extensive knowledge of these platforms allows us to easily handle advanced integrations, drip email campaigns and automation to ensure our clients are getting the most out of their email campaigns and achieving the highest marketing ROI.

MAILCHIMP API SOLUTIONS: Creating MailChimp API solutions is a great way to efficiently manage customer data.  napkin marketing, as a MailChimp API specialist, offers expert solutions that streamline the syncing process of information from your other software or cloud-based applications into MailChimp.  We are experienced in creating several different API’s that link MailChimp to CRM software, scheduling applications, and contact forms.  As a MailChimp API developer we have worked on integrating applications such as Formstack, Bullhorn CRM, Podio, WordPress, Freshbooks and Schedule Once just to name a few.   Find out more about the different application integrations that MailChimp offers.

CASL-COMPLIANT CAMPAIGNS: Canada’s anti-spam legislation (CASL) has very specific guidelines that must be followed when it comes to asking permission to email, and the circumstances under which you can contact them. Businesses can be fined up to $1M for failure to comply. At napkin marketing, we’ve taken the time to learn the policies and we keep up to date on changes, so our email marketing campaigns are always CASL-compliant.

MOBILE RESPONSIVE EMAIL DESIGNS: Email clients (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo!, Outlook, etc.) read messages differently just like web browsers do, which means sometimes they present the same message with the same coding differently. On top of this, every device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC) and screen resolution will also present the same message differently. If you send a campaign that wasn’t tested on different platforms, images, text or layout could end up looking a bit off. At napkin marketing, we understand the importance of giving every single email recipient a great experience, so our email templates are specially-designed to be responsive and mobile-friendly. We also test each email on multiple clients, to ensure it displays perfectly across all major platforms and devices. Provide us with logos and images or we’ll find just the right low-cost royalty-free images for your particular campaign.

LIST MANAGEMENT: Maintaining your lead list can be a challenge. We’ll clean and validate your existing list, or help you source or legally rent or purchase an email list through a CASL compliant partner, to help you get your email in front of the right leads and out of the SPAM folder.

EMAIL AUTOMATION SUPPORT: From automated drip campaigns to emails triggered by a purchase, download or site visit, email automation tools can save lots of time and help communicate with your clients on auto pilot. We’re glad to help set you up with the right automation tools for your company, so you can focus on your regular business (and life!) while the leads and sales (seemingly) effortlessly roll in.

DRIP CAMPAIGNS: Though they go by many names (lifecycle emails, automated email campaign, marketing automation), drip campaigns enable you to target any given group with the right message at a time when they’re ready to hear it. We will set up your drip campaign to send out welcome messages, remind customers to renew at specific intervals, nurture leads, follow up on abandoned shopping carts, or to correspond with any series of events of your choosing.

PROFESSIONAL COPYWRITING: Need email copy that converts? Let our Toronto email marketing specialist craft compelling and persuasive emails to increase conversions. Our skilled copywriters work in every niche and sector, and can provide you with copy for your enewsletters, blogs and more.

COLLABORATION: Be involved in the process as much (or as little) as you like. Whether you have particular images you want to include, would like to supply the copy, or have specific ideas for text, fonts, and layouts, we’re glad to collaborate with you throughout the process.

LANDING PAGES: Did you know that having a dedicated landing page on your website for each email marketing campaign you run can increase conversions? Our team of seasoned developers and designers can create a custom landing page, tailored to call your readers to action. Ask us for details if you’re interested in this valuable add-on service.

When you work with napkin marketing, you can be confident your email will have copy written to speak to your target market, look sharp, function effectively, and that your campaign will be delivered reliably, no matter what device or program your customer receives it on. If you’d like to see examples of what napkin marketing can do for you, check out some of our previous high-converting emails.

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