Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Get the Best SEO Services in Toronto, Say “Hello” to the #1 Spot on Google

Today, much of winning new customers comes down to being found online! Most of your customers now start their purchase process by flipping to Google. So you know that your placement on that first page of search results is crucial is for winning leads through improved traffic and click throughs.

We follow a step by step process to improve your SEO results, from an initial assessment and site audit to determine your rankings, to reviewing your competitors keyword and linking strategy, and developing a custom plan to help increase your search engine rankings.

How Do Search Engine Rankings Work?

Google and other search engines are always busy, sending bots around the web to index pages. As they do this, they assess each site based on a proprietary algorithm and give it a rank. This way, when a person uses Google (or any other search engine for that matter), the system can call up relevant results from authoritative sites. Businesses that recognize the importance of obtaining expert Toronto SEO services will naturally rank higher in these searches, and will therefore receive more clicks, hits, and conversions, in an organic way.

napkin marketing’s SEO Strategies Focus on What Google Deems is Most Important

Google dominates when it comes to the total number of searches run. The giant usually takes about 65 percent of the market, while Bing gets 20 percent and Yahoo! manages around 12 percent. However, they all have the same goal, and that is to deliver the search results that real people want to receive. As such, they all tend to rank sites on the same criteria, which includes numerous things that would make a difference to a real human reader.

HIGH-PERFORMANCE: Properly-working links, speed, usability, and other factors involved in the architecture of a site are weighed by search engines. As a full-service Toronto SEO company, napkin marketing reviews your site for broken links, slow load speed and other signals that could prevent a Google bot from crawling and indexing your site.

KEYWORDS: Knowing which terms people are actively using to look for your products and services, and integrating them into your website content, sends the right to search engines and helps you rank higher for the keywords for which you want to be found. We perform keyword research and analysis among your industry and competition, to identify what phrases will work best for your niche.

ON-PAGE SEO: Keywords must be integrated on your website in various places. We make sure the right words are in the right places on our site so they are picked up by search engines.  Relevant keywords on your pages, meta tags, blog content and in anchor text help indicate to Google that your site is credible.

MOBILE-FRIENDLINESS: Having a mobile-friendly site is a huge factor in consumer satisfaction, and will even determine your ranking on mobile search. All of our sites are mobile responsive, which means that they’ll display beautifully on any device, whether its your iphone, tablet or desktop.

Additional Internet Marketing for Toronto Businesses

If two sites are equal in terms of quality and SEO, bots like Google will look for information elsewhere on the web to determine which one should display first in searches. In these cases, having popular and active social media accounts may be beneficial. We also offer management of ad campaigns across social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, to help you reach your audience on sites they already visit. For an instant boost on search engines, napkin marketing can manage your pay-per-click (PPC) and display ads on Google, too. As any reputable SEO company in Toronto will tell you, it takes time to build up status in organic search results, and how quickly you jump in the rankings will vary quite a bit depending on how saturated your particular niche is. While you climb, paid marketing can be a cost-effective way to bring your target audience to your site, especially if you choose to work with a company that’s Google Adwords Certified, like napkin marketing.