Marketing Strategy & ConsultingBreathe new life into your marketing strategies with bold and innovative ideas.

A lot goes into making your business run smoothly and profitably. You have customers to wow, employees to oversee, inventory to keep up with, venues to maintain, a budget to watch, marketing to implement, and more. It takes efficient management of all these aspects to maximize your revenue, but sometimes handling it all can be overwhelming. That’s where napkin marketing comes in. We’ll handle your marketing strategy efficiently and effectively, so you can focus on the core aspects of your business. Whether you need help determining which marketing tactics to use, want assistance creating a strategic roadmap with fresh, innovative ideas, or are exploring new product opportunities and require in-depth perspective on your markets and competitors, we can help.

We Provide Strategic Insights for Every Industry

napkin marketing has been offering professional marketing and consulting services since 1999, serving industries as diverse as financial services, IT, online media, software, consumer packaged goods, medicine, law, Jewish services, and even mining and environmental sectors. We boast both B2B and B2C marketing experience, with a proven track record of providing advice and marketing roadmaps for some of North America’s biggest brands.

Get Actionable Steps that Maximize ROI

napkin marketing will clarify your marketing strategy and message, helping you attract the right customers with the right tactics. We deliver fresh creative ideas, strategic roadmaps, high-level market research, industry analysis and marketing plans that form the foundation for profitable decision making. Plus, we not only recommend smart strategies, but we can also manage and execute your marketing campaigns, leaving you free to focus on all your other business’ needs.

Strengthen Your Virtual Footprint and Customer Bonds with a Digital Marketing Blueprint

We’ll provide you with the insights you need to make sound marketing decisions. We analyze every aspect of your business, from the industry as a whole, down to what your competitors are doing. Then, we’ll propose a plan that strengthens your corporate identity and message, in a way that will resonate well with your audience, and inspire them to take action. Your strategy may include a mixture of the following modes of digital marketing:

WEB DESIGN & REVITALIZATION: A beautiful and responsive website is the cornerstone of any online marketing strategy. An effective site will help you rank better in search engines, generate leads, and will convert customers. We may also recommend custom landing pages, to target specific consumer groups and increase conversions of individual marketing campaigns.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO): Search engine optimization is a natural and organic way to bring people to your site who already have an interest in what you do. Our SEO recommendations may focus on aspects of your existing website, elements outside of your site, or a mixture of the two.

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: You can reach more people when you’re established and active on the social media sites they already use, plus these networks will also benefit your SEO program. We’ll research which sites your target audience congregates on, and propose a content management plan, as well as display and search ads on major networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+.

PPC & SEARCH MARKETING: We’re Google Certified, and can design a highly-effective and targeted approach to managing your pay-per-click and search marketing campaigns. Like SEO, this will put you at the top of search engines when people are already looking for your product or service, but it will provide instant results. Display ads, a form of PPC ads, may also be recommended, to get your message in front of your ideal customer on websites outside of social media.

EMAIL MARKETING & COPYWRITING: CASL-compliant email campaigns can help you reach a wide audience in a personable way. We may suggest multiple campaigns, automation, drip campaigns, and responsive email designs, to ensure your message is reaching the right people, in a format that will enable it to be heard. Additional forms of copywriting, such as blogs, press releases, and enewsletters, may also come into play, as they can improve your SEO and help you reach more people.

MARKETING VIDEOS: Explainer videos, tutorials, demos, and other forms of marketing videos have a unique way of capturing attention. They can work as a standalone item, uploaded to YouTube or posted on a website, or they can accompany other content, to help make the piece more engaging, improve conversions, and increase shares. Due to the versatility and marketing strength of professional video production, it may also be recommended to improve the impact of your other marketing efforts.

We Provide 3 Tiers of Consulting, to Suit Any Business


  1. Marketing Strategy Plan
  2. 12-month Marketing Calendar & Activity Schedule
  3. Review Session/ Ad-Hoc Hourly Consulting


napkin marketing Can Execute Your Marketing Strategy, Too

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we can create the perfect strategy to promote your business, and implement it in a cost-effective manner. Free yourself up to manage your business’ daily needs, while we keep the leads and conversions flowing.