Marketing VideosA professional marketing video captivates an audience like nothing else.

Marketing videos have many purposes, and when they’re done properly, are absolute magic. They can tell a story, explain things, and captivate a viewer in a way that no other form of media can touch. Consumer research agencies have studied the effects of including videos in a marketing campaign and have noted that blogs, social media posts, web pages, and other forms of content are shared more often when there’s a video included in the piece. The hypnotizing pull of a video also causes people to stay on pages longer, removes buyer barriers, improves confidence, and so much more.

Marketing Videos from napkin marketing Rock Your SEO Strategy

As people share the content, your website racks up valuable backlinks that tell search engines your site is popular, and it raises you in the rankings. Plus, the high user engagement rates mean more people will be talking about your company, researching it, and perusing your site’s pages and posts. This also provides links back to your site. If you promote your content further via a dedicated YouTube channel, the results are amplified. Google, itself, has even explained the SEO benefits of marketing videos. When paired with proper coding on your website, your videos appear as “rich snippets” in the search results. Not only does this improve your ranking, but it also encourages more organic clicks to your website. Once your piece has been created, it continues delivering people to your site for as long as you keep it posted. These are free, naturally-occurring hits on your site, from people who genuinely want to hear what you have to say.

napkin marketing video production services is your answer to
high-quality video and demo productions that make a real impact.

Share your organization’s message with the world. Save time and money on workshops, employee training and tech support. Online videos not only help tell your story and put a human face and voice to your brand, they also help improve your search engine visibility and optimization, so your audience can find you and share your videos via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and email.

DEMO: Break through buyer barriers, by showing your customers exactly how your product or service looks and operates in a professionally-made product demo video.

LAUNCH/ LANDING PAGE: Running a multi-faceted marketing campaign? A launch or landing page video can increase engagement and conversions.

EXPLAINER: Explainer videos, sometimes called animated explainers, have many purposes. They can help teach consumers about the problem your product or service solves, provide tips, inspire, or demonstrate how your company can help.

CORPORATE: Corporate videos can help recruit, train, educate, and motivate your team.

ELEARNING: Whether you simply want to make some “how to” videos for your audience, have a training program you’d like to produce, or just want a single course converted into a video module, napkin marketing can help.

TESTIMONIAL: Add testimonial videos to enrich your website and build trust with your customers before you even meet them.

YOUTUBE: All the video styles mentioned here are great for YouTube. Create your own channel for SEO benefits and go viral when you upload high-quality clips.

napkin marketing’s Professional Video and Demo Production Services are Comprehensive

We provide full-service video production, so your finished project looks professional, makes a good impression, and resonates well with viewers. Services include:

  • Screencast Recordings
  • Script Development
  • Professional Interviews (company heads, such as CEOs, managers, etc.)
  • Storyboard Development
  • Full Location Shoots in the Greater Toronto Area (including facilities, equipment, products services)
  • Shooting and Production Team (including audio, teleprompter, camera, lighting and makeup)
  • Green Screen Shooting
  • 3-D Text Effects
  • 2D and 3D Animation
  • Full Post-Production Editing
  • After Effects
  • Music Compilation
  • Motion Graphics
  • Tile Overlays
  • High-Definition (HD)
  • Professional Voice-Over Narrations (in virtually any language)
  • Uploading on YouTube
  • Embedding into PowerPoint
  • Transfers/ Conversion/ Streaming Media/ Dubbing
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