When a partnership happens, it should be a natural fit, like hummos and falafels.

That’s just how we felt when meeting Kosher food marketing agency, NYC based Lubicom Marketing Consulting.
Anyone who knows napkin marketing knows that besides digital, one of our super powers is marketing for Jewish brands, companies and organizations. This year, we are taking an exciting step in offering even more marketing expertise to this niche sector, by partnering with and lending our digital expertise to NYC based Lubicom Marketing Consulting, a longtime leader in Kosher food marketing in the US. To mark our debut, we’re proud to participate as a speaker and exhibitor at this year’s KosherFest trade show, the world’s biggest event for Kosher food.

We’re excited to be working with two leading experts in the food and kosher industry in this venture, Menachem Lubinsky, who founded KosherFest over 35 years ago and one of the world’s leading experts on Kosher food marketing, and Richard Siegel, an experienced business leader and veteran in the food industry.

Are you a Kosher business that is ready to go digital and reach your market online? Let’s connect.
Or meet us in New Jersey, Nov. 14-15 at Kosherfest. We’ll bring the shawarma.

Read more about this exciting development in our press release.

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