We Won an Award (or two!)

We’re so thrilled to spread the news about our award winning web design for client, Acerta Analytics! It’s not every day we get recognized with two awards at the same time. So yes, we are patting each other on the back…just a bit!

We’re honored to recently receive the CSS Design Awards (CSSDA) Public Awards for UI (User Interface) Design and UX (User Experience) Design for our design of acerta.ca.  CSSDA honors and showcases designers, studios and agencies for work that pushes the boundaries of UI, UX and innovative development. We also received a Special Kudos recognition for the same site.

Acerta is a ground breaking engineering analytics application, founded by a team of University of Waterloo computer engineers. The platform is designed to make sense of the big data stream that comes out of machine parts, such as automotive brakes or engines, aircraft parts, wind turbines or just about any other “smart” machine part that collects usage and performance data. Acerta acquires, deciphers and analyzes machine data, alerting manufacturers to anomalies or potential defects.

Acerta Analytics tasked napkin marketing with the challenge of creating an attractive, modern, mobile responsive website to communicate their technology and business model to decision makers, end users and investors. The website needed to tell Acerta’s story in a manner that both an engineer, a CEO and a layman can relate to. But in order to design the site, napkin marketing’s creative team first needed to understand the application.

We did this by listening, developing customer profiles, sitting in on the software demos, and learning the app from the inside out. We then translated engineering specifications to common English by conveying the features and benefits of the technology through copywriting, illustrations and icons.

napkin marketing Art Director, Diana Velarde, wanted to explore the product first hand so that her design resonated with its engineering-focussed audience.  “We went really in-depth to learn about Acerta’s technology. I even had to learn how car parts work to know how the analytics software works to collect their data. When it comes to design, the main goal, as with all of our websites, was to make it easy for the user to navigate through the site, appreciate and understand what the company is all about, and take the next step to convert.”

The result? An agile SAAS website site geared towards user engagement as well as a 24/7 business development tool, optimized for SEO. Built on the WordPress CMS, the site features a bespoke theme that showcases Acerta’s technology and use case applications, and encourages the visitor to contact Acerta to learn more.

“The new site is performing even better than expected.” according to client Ophir Sarusi, Marketing Director for Acerta. “Our website is our calling card…And it now tells our product story in a smart and easy to understand way… so that both our engineer and business decision maker audience can understand how our analytics platform works. The napkin marketing web design team took the time to learn our product and technological “language” and was able to turn our vision into reality, with a modern and functional design, that truly delivers. And now we have the awards to prove it!”

If you’d like to know more about how our Toronto digital marketing agency designs and manages award winning WordPress websites, visit our website or contact napkin marketing director, Adina Zaiontz.


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