Today I write to you from Tel Aviv..the electric and eclectic start up city. While here, I signed up for a three hour walking tour to learn about this birthplace of modern Israel (go to Jerusalem to see a little more ancient Israel).

One thing many people don’t know is that Tel Aviv is famous for its graffiti… or as the latte sippers call it, “street art”.  I gained an appreciation for street art today. While touring some of the more exciting local works (mainly in sketchier parts of town),  I couldn’t help looking at it from a marketing lens. Street art and graffiti, like ads, interrupt the our field of vision and vie for our attention, whether we notice them while crossing a busy street, browsing facebook, watching TV or using an app.

The artists and the advertisers know that their content is not really what we’re there to see… But the best among them will produce content so relevant, or a message or vision so powerful, that you don’t mind being “interrupted”. The interruption needs to “earn” your attention in order to be elevated from being seen as something that’s defacing your “wall”, to something that’s celebrated as public art that people actually want to consume, curate and click…

Oh who am I kidding?… I just wanted to show off my Tel Aviv street art photo collection.

Tel Aviv Street Art Collection


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