Most times when I ask clients about their marketing strategy, I get a blank stare. The more organized ones may have their business goals set out and want to increase sales and leads. Or some may have an idea about improving SEO or starting a Google campaign. But few develop a well-formulated plan with a roadmap of how to generate new business and keep the sales funnel flowing. When we noticed that this wasn’t just a problem for one client but a planning “epidemic” (sorry if that word stirs your COVID anxiety), we decided to create a solution- Our Full Circle Marketing System.

Full Circle Digital Marketing is napkin marketing’s new 360 degree client acquisition system-  a holistic marketing program focused on attracting and delivering a consistent flow of targeted web traffic, customers and leads to your business by employing multiple marketing strategies simultaneously, setting up automated sales funnels and tracking performance along the way. It’s the opposite of what businesses usually do – which is randomly trying different marketing tactics, throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping it sticks, or putting all their eggs in one basket, or marketing strategy.

Full Circle Marketing gives you the ability to be everywhere your target customer is, reaching them on multiple platforms whether they are searching for their solution on Google, on your email list, connecting with you on social media and much more. Your message connects with the right customer, at the right time and with a relevant message to their pain point.
12 Key Components of Full Circle Marketing
1. Marketing Strategy & Sales Funnel Design
2. Website Design
3. Organic/ Foundational SEO
4. Local Search
5. Reporting and Analytics
6. Reviews and Reputation
7. Google Ads/ Pay Per Click
8. Retargeting
9. Landing Pages
10. Lead Magnets
11. Email Marketing
12. Social Media Marketing

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