Although it may be a little eclipsed in the trendiness stakes by social media, email marketing remains a highly profitable way of driving business. However, while the basics of building a solid list and presenting attractive offers will give great results, it’s possible for the savvy marketer to take things a step or two further. Here are five ideas for taking your email marketing game to the next level.

1) Extreme Personalization

It’s well known that including personal data such as names, company names, or birthdays in an email is a powerful way of boosting click-throughs and conversions. However, you can take this much further than the usual simple tactic of addressing the recipient by name. Build customized emails by using all the data on a subscriber that you can compile, such as their buying history, which website pages they’ve viewed, and which stage of the buying process they’re likely to be in based on their engagement data.

With Mailchimp’s integration with Woocommerce and Shopify, you’re able to you can use your customer data to personalize your marketing, sell more stuff, and grow your business.

example of a personalized abandoned cart email from Fab:

2) Offer Special Promotions

Even with a highly compelling ecommerce offer, a simple link to your website isn’t enough. For better conversion rates, offer time-sensitive promo codes  or coupon codes with exclusive discounts or promotional deals for email subscribers only.

Our email campaigns for Gabila’s Knishes help drive sales with deadline driven coupons on their best-selling products:

3) Rich Content

In today’s online world of rich media, simple text-based emails can seem more than a little underwhelming. Try and push the format beyond the ordinary by embedding video, infographics, animations, arresting images, and any other type of content that makes your message stand out.

Our email campaigns for Johnston equipment feature animated GIFs and videos to drive engagement:

4) Get Social

Some marketers see social media as the natural successor to email, but there’s no need to choose between them. Social and email can work very well together, with cross-promotion complementing and reinforcing campaigns across both channels. Use social media for its strengths of building a brand, generating a loyal following, and pre-selling your products. Email can then be used to clinch the sale thanks to its greater conversion power.

Use an social footer in all your promotional emails to encourage your subscribers to follow you on your social channels. 

5) Automate Your Campaigns

Lastly, one of the most attractive aspects of email marketing is how a campaign can be automated, from the first step of address acquisition and confirmation right through to a sale. It’s possible to build compelling sales funnels to guide each lead gently through to your desired conversion destination. The precise methods available depend on the email service provider or the software you’re using, but if you don’t maximize your use of automation you’re missing a trick.

The Mailchimp Automation features allows you to set up drip campaigns based on a number of triggers, such as someone joining your list, making a purchase or a special anniversary date :


Email marketing might not have the on-trend buzz of social media, but it’s still very capable of pulling in some serious profits. However, to really make your mark with a campaign, try these techniques to go beyond the norm and lift your efforts above your competition.

Need email marketing solutions?

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