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Manifold Data Mining came to us needing a new innovative design for their data mining and analytics company. After weeks of planning, custom design, and dev work, we created a website that showed how Manifold fuels marketing insights.

Our process started with establishing a new logo and icon for Manifold. To show their work with data, we found the pie chart made-up of dots was the perfect icon, as it represented what Manifold does and showed its closeness to Polaris Intelligence, their marketing software.

To find the perfect colour scheme, we had to dig deep to find out how colour can help tell their story. We landed on the yellow and black as it created a nice contrast and mirrored how Manifold will highlight a demographic within its systems for their clients.

The site was made complete with a custom template and graphics that we designed to have Manifold Data Mining stand out amongst their competitors. They now have a fully responsive website complete with custom illustrations, video, and graphics to generate leads and power marketing intelligence with in-depth analytics.