Client: Acerta Analytics

napkin marketing created a dynamic new web design for Acerta Analytics, earning the CSS Design Awards for UI (User Interface) Design and UX (User Experience). This responsive WordPress web design gave the client a platform to showcase their engineering analytics software and knowledge in the automotive industry.

The custom designed site features a bespoke wordpress theme, tailor-drawn illustrations, icons and animated slides, a case study section, blog and dynamic solutions page which explains how Acerta’s analytics software benefits different industries and applications. In addition to developing and writing copy for Acerta’s website, napkin marketing also designed the company’s trade show display booth and signage.


Acerta is a Kitchener based start-up that developed a cloud-based system technology that detects defects in automobiles. Acerta specialized in collecting data from cars into their database and then relaying the information to their manufacturer to facilitate a recall or for them to improve their product. A B2B company such as Acerta would require a professional, simple and creative website and they sought a company that could deliver a simple website with complex content. Napkin marketing provided that, starting from scratch to create an interactive and professional website that would encapsulate the ease the customer has with using their product but also the complexity behind the company and what it can accomplish.

Telling the story of a tech-based company is not easy, but using a website, and the tools at our disposal we were able to create an interactive website that represented Acerta.


Being a tech-based start-up, Acerta was looking to car and car-part manufacturers that would incorporate its system into their vehicles. Acerta has worked with companies like GM and Nissan so they did have an established brand but using their success with practical examples on their website was important to increasing customers.


napkin marketing developed a website that would highlight the companies features, their clients, and their work all in a way that was reflective of their brand. A company that specializes in data science, machine analytics, A.I, and cloud-based analytics is not appealing to every user on the web. However, the website that was made was appealing to everyone on the web. This was done by designing icons on their front page and throughout the site, interactive car that highlights Acerta’s target parts and simple informative pictures, that showed the complexities of what Acerta does.

We provided SEO for the site and integrated their social media channels for new visitors.  Blogs were also used to highlight the benefits of Acerta’s services.



Acerta now has a professional website that shows their brand and improved their usability without sacrificing the complexity of their business.  Print work was also done for their trade shows and is still periodically done on a per project basis.


From the Client:

“performing even better than expected”
 “The new site is performing even better than expected. Our website is our calling card…And it now tells our product story in a smart and easy to understand way… so that both our engineer and business decision maker audience can understand how our analytics platform works. The napkin marketing web design team took the time to learn our product and technological “language” and was able to give us a website plan and turn it into action, with a modern and functional design, that truly delivers. And now we have the awards to prove it!”

Ophir Sarusi, Marketing Director for Acerta