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Client: Refurb Canada

Challenge: Refurb Canada is a premium office furniture refurbisher. They have been in the business of setting up office furniture for more than 20 years. They needed to modernized their website which was very old and outdated. To increase more visibility, attract customers and provide ease of using the website was a challenge to Chris and his team.

Solution – napkin marketing provided with a modern and mobile responsive website. The website especially had a gallery which categorized by a different types of office furniture to showcase the variety of their work. We also went a step ahead and created a space on the website portraying why are refurbished furniture is good for the environment, the need of buying refurbished furniture and how Chris and his team are doing good to the society and environment through their business model.

Results – website was refurbished by the napkin marketing team. It has a modernized website that is user-friendly, the site is optimized for the search engine. We also rebranded the company by a new logo (green and blue) showcasing the environmentally friendly approach of

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