Website Maintenance & Hosting Packages

We offer website maintenance packages to keep your website up-to-date and hassle free. Our packages are designed with features to best suit your needs. Our maintenance packages include hosting on our server, meaning increased security and reliable support. Website maintenance is integral to any digital presence, regardless of size. Keeping your site up is critical to your perception worldwide, as that is often a prospective customers first impression of your business.That is why napkin marketing always keeps your site up, so you can keep your search engine rankings, retain customers and keep displaying your products and services.

Monthly Website Packages

Our monthly website packages can be invoiced either monthly or pre-paid annually when we start hosting. All plans can be customized to suit your site needs and to ensure your website is always up and running.




Hosting & Quarterly Backups

Wordpress/ Plugin/ CMS Security and Software Updates

Hacking prevention installation and site restoration if needed

Email and Phone Support




Hosting & Monthly Backups

Includes Basic Package

2 Hours of Design and Content Updates monthly




Hosting & Monthly Backups

Includes Basic Package

4 Hours of Design and Content Updates Monthly



Some of our hosting features included with above packages are below:

Daily Backups

Some of our hosting features included with above packages are below:


We only use enterprise level servers, that means increased security, top-tier performance and daily backups. Keeping your site live and running.

Reliable and easy to use CPanel

We use the best control panel software on the market: cPanel. This powerful package allows control of your entire site at your finger tips.

Pay As You Go

Any work done beyond the maintenance packages is charged at a pay-as-you-go rate. Therefore, if you don't expect to make changes every month, you may decide to go with the basic maintenance package, and use pay-as-you-go services when needed.

Our charges are based on how much time is taken to complete the requested work, and will not be rounded up to the nearest hour. If you require urgent work to be completed within 24 hrs, this may be charged at an express rate of $95/hr.

*Basic Maintenance plan is still required for websites.

Pay As You Go

Only pay for work needed


2 hour minimum

Just call or e-mail the details

Fast turnaround time!


Blocks of Times

Need a quick turnaround on a small project or update? Try out blocks of time that can be used for marketing consultation, email campaigns or webpage updates.

4 Hours

$110.00 per hour

$440.00 CAD

8 Hours

$100.00 per hour

$800.00 CAD

16 Hours

$90.00 per hour

$1,440.00 CAD


How it Works

Packages are pre-purchased blocks of hours; we discount the rate depending on the number of hours you buy.

When you have an update, send us the details and we'll schedule it immediately and give you an estimate for time of completion.

We keep a detailed log of all updates, task descriptions and accounting for time spent which we can provide to you whenever you like.

We quickly become familiar with your brand and how it works after a kick-off call with the client. Then we get to work on your updates!

Frequently Asked Questions

Keeping a self-hosted website up and running, as well as ensuring it remains secure, requires regular maintenance involving making sure the software, as well as all integrated plugins and add-ons are kept up to date. Sites running outdated software can be susceptible to attack, be unable to update and have sensitive information compromised. Our Basic support package includes daily updates and backups to ensure site security. Without this security, there can be no guarantee that your website will remain up and running, and the cost and time expense of recovering a compromised site can be significant. The basic maintenance fee covers these preventative measures and include the hosting.

Yes, if a plan isn't working out ideally, contact us and we can determine the best plan for you.

We can setup recurring payments with a credit card, or Paypal account (on monthly plans), or we can invoice you for the year right up front.

Yes, if a plan isn't working out ideally, contact us and we can determine the best plan for you.

Contact us and we'll clarify anything you might be confused about.

Yes! Any hours you do not use in the month, can be used on a later date.