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Client: Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA)

The Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA), Canada’s largest national sales organization, recently hired napkin marketing to create an extensive email drip campaign to boost their membership base by showcasing the CPSA’s full suite of member benefits.

Marketing Strategy: To enhance membership, napkin’s email marketing strategy involved designing audience-centric emails to pull readers through the marketing funnel from brand awareness to email engagement, lead generation and, eventually, converting to membership sales. To boost email open rates and engagement, the campaigns contained relevant, concise content and enticing, modern designs.

Audience: The target market for the email campaigns included CPSA prospects (non-members) who subscribe to CPSA’s e-newsletter or who recently downloaded one of the association’s whitepapers. They ranged in seniority from junior sales representatives to senior sales leaders.

Focus on Exclusive Benefits: Each email campaign emphasized CPSA’s diverse member benefits, including exclusive access to the association’s:

  • Nationally-recognized sales certification program;
  • Discounted rates for CPSA training programs and networking events
  • Business travel and hotel discounts; and
  • Sales resources in the knowledge centre, which is now restricted to members only.

Content Strategy: Each email campaign contained positive language, a clear call to action (e.g. Download the whitepaper) and the benefits for performing the call to action (e.g. Enhance your sales leadership by learning tips to empower your team). To maximize the CPSA’s appeal among diverse sales professionals, we used a conversational yet authoritative tone. In addition, our images showed professional salespeople working together to evoke themes of success, progress and productivity.

Consistent Digital Content: Reinforcing the email campaigns’ positive, benefits-oriented messaging, napkin also designed enhanced landing pages and an interactive calculator to tie sales professionals’ business and training needs to CPSA’s membership offerings.


The CPSA now has a complete automated email campaign lined up with customized messaging and a “drip” based education campaign. The campaigns are geared towards informing prospective members about the benefits of becoming a member, prompting them with calls to action to enroll and join CPSA or engage further (by downloading a white paper, attending an event, or inquiring about certification). The organization is now ready to go to market and well positioned to increase brand awareness and engagement among non members.
napkin marketing took care of the campaign strategy, content, design and development and was able to deliver a complete “ready to launch” marketing program to power up the CPSA’s membership drives and support enrollment initiatives.

Our Clients Talk:

The whole process was very seamless from beginning to end. It was great to have that strategy, from beginning to end from the design concept right to going live. It was very easy. Our director of sales said we look very professional now. We’re taken to a different level,
and that speaks volumes. [The napkin team] do exactly what it is that you’re looking for and they take your ideas and they bring your vision to life.