marketing plans done for you

Please contact us immediately after buying a session so we can fulfill your order and schedule your appointment (if applicable).

Re-direct to Paypal: $44.07 Incl HST

$39 one time fee. (Regular $199) This kit includes key planning templates, including:
a) The sales forecasting spreadsheet
b) The marketing calendar spreadsheet
c) The marketing budget spreadsheet
d) A social media planning spreadsheet

Re-direct to paypal $111.87 incl HST

$129 for 60 minutes consultation plus 60 minutes email follow up and coaching. (Regular $250) This includes one hour with me (via Skype), where we discuss where your business is now, and review different advertising and marketing options, strategies and ideas for growing sales. Includes up to 1 hour follow up support via email for any questions you may have after the session. You’ll be sent a confidential questionnaire before our consulting session so we can learn more about your business prior to the call.
Includes marketing planning template kit. 

Re-direct to Paypal $559.35 Incl HST

$495 (Regular $650) for a 4-5 page marketing plan which includes a competitor review, analysis of your current website and social media, and advertising and SEO strategy suggestions.
Your Mini Marketing plan includes:

  • Preliminary 60 minute ‚ÄúDiscovery‚ÄĚ call via Skype.
  • A written plan that includes:
    1. Review of your business goals
    2. Competitive review: an analysis of your top 2 competitors and/ or similar businesses, with suggestions on how you can apply their best practices to your business and marketing.
    3. Critique of your website and social media, with suggestions for improvement
    4. Marketing plan recommendations: we outline 3 key recommendations and strategies for how and where to advertise and promote your business.
    5. An audit of how you rank on Google vs. your competition for your target keywords, plus search engine optimization recommendations to improve your ranking.
  • 60 minute final consultation where we present the plan to you and other key stakeholders in your business. (In our office in Toronto or via skype).
    Includes marketing planning template kit. 
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