Jewish Marketing SolutionsInnovative digital marketing strategies crafted expressly
for Jewish organizations or businesses marketing to the Jewish community.

Rich culture and traditions run deep in the Jewish community, and effective Jewish marketing solutions capture the essence, values, and energy of the people. Although there once was a time when individual groups were small, and few and far between, today’s communities are big and vibrant. At the same time, kosher has gone mainstream, and even non-Jewish have adopted the lifestyle for health benefits. Whether you operate a Jewish company, or own a business that caters to a Jewish market, your advertising and outreach materials should reflect and honor the culture. As a full-service Jewish advertising agency, napkin marketing can take you to the next level with beautiful web designs, SEO, pay-per-click and search marketing management, email marketing, high-quality video production, and more.

Choose from Our Full Suite of Creative Jewish Marketing Solutions

At napkin marketing, we specialize in coming up with clever concepts and creative methods to tell your brand’s story in a way that resonates with the audience and turns them into loyal customers.

JEWISH WEB DESIGN: Responsive web design is essential today because it enables every visitor to your site to have a first-class experience, whether they’re using a tablet, smartphone, PC, or laptop. It’s so important that Google ranks mobile-friendly websites higher in many cases, which makes it important for organic lead generation as well. The designers and developers at napkin marketing are skilled at Jewish web design, and can create a captivating, responsive site, topped off with features to engage readers, capture leads, convert, and maintain relationships with existing customers.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO): The SEO experts at napkin marketing examine all the factors that lead to a high-ranking site, including features within the website, as well as external factors on other sites. Then, they carefully devise and implement an SEO plan that will help put you at the top of the list when people use Google and other search engines.

PPC & SEARCH MARKETING: Targeted ads that hone in on your demographic audience and service area can increase your outreach in a cost-effective manner. We do this in two major ways. First, we place highly-strategic pay-per-click ads, on sites all over the net. As a secondary measure, we can also grab the spaces above and next to your competitors in search engines, ensuring that your message is seen just as often as theirs is.  Our team includes graphic designers and crafty wordsmiths who can create pay-per-click ads that encourage clicks from your ideal customer.

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: Reaching the community means interacting with them on the sites they already use, like LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. Our social media marketing programs help your company become a respected and known member of the community, grow your consumer base, and boost your SEO efforts. We also manage ad campaigns across all major social media platforms, so you can be sure you’re reaching everyone who needs to hear your message.

EMAIL MARKETING & COPYWRITING: Remain in contact with your existing customers to maintain their loyalty and referrals, nurture leads, and increase sales with an email marketing campaign. We create eye-catching responsive emails, so consumers on any device can be inspired by your message. Plus, we also manage email lists, automation, drip campaigns, and other email-related marketing needs. If you don’t already have email copy created, one of our experienced copywriters can craft the perfect piece for any campaign. We also have copywriters on staff who can create Jewish blogs, press releases, and more, so you can focus on the core of your business.

MARKETING VIDEOS: Whether you need an animated explainer video, a demo, or even a live-shoot (in the greater Toronto area), our production team will provide a high-quality video, that your customers will love and you will be proud of. Your professional video can be uploaded to YouTube, added to landing pages or webpages to increase engagement, used in blogs to encourage shares, or posted to social media for viral potential.

Our In-Depth Strategy and Consulting Services
Build the Foundation for Bulletproof Marketing Campaigns

If you’re just breaking into the Jewish market or need to revitalize your existing plan, we can provide the guidance you need to make profitable marketing decisions. Our strategists will perform in-depth research of the market and industry, so crafting a comprehensive marketing plan is easy. From there, you can create your own plan, or we’ll collaborate to design one for you.

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