Manifold Data Mining Case Study



Client Profile

Founded by PhD mathematician, Zhen Mei, Manifold Data Mining models consumer data and provides analytics at the 6-digit postal code level for Canada.

The Challenge

Manifold Data Mining’s website had a very dated look that made it challenging to explain their complex service and product offerings.

The Solution

Custom website design and development by napkin marketing produced a fully responsive website to help Manifold Data Mining stand out from their competitors.

The Results

  • • 76% increase in traffic
  • • Won three international awards


Manifold Data Mining (“Manifold”) is a specialist in consumer data products, analytics, and predictive modeling. Working with data at the 6-digit postal code level for Canada, the company powers marketing intelligence with smart data, in-depth analytics, and Polaris Intelligence, their self-service online analytics app. Their goal is to help clients transform big data and AI research into actionable insights. With clients that include Deloitte, the Canadian Red Cross, Canada Post, and AIG, Manifold manages data across more than 600 industries.

The Challenge

Marketing comples, predictive data analytic services and products is a challenge. One reason for this is that data isn’t sexy. “I’m a mathematician,” confesses Manifold President Zhen Mei. “That’s my skill set. I’m not a marketing guy. So, when I started this business in 2001, I didn’t pay much attention to the marketing side of the business.”

After 20 years in business, Manifold’s logo and website were overdue for an update. Further, their website didn’t tell the story of their complex data analytics service and SaaS market research application in a way that was easy for visitors to understand. Manifold’s CEO, Jannis Mei, uses a car analogy. “Manifold had a really great engine, but it was sitting in a bit of a rusty body. They simply were not making a good impression in the marketplace.”

To modernize their image, Manifold needed a new SaaS branding and digital marketing strategy. “We had some ideas about what we were interested in doing. But we knew that we weren’t web design experts,” shares Zhen, “So, we were looking for a firm that could take control and lead us in the right direction.”

The Solution

We understood that our challenge was to figure out the best way to tell Manifold’s story in a fresh, contemporary and innovative way. To start, we conducted competitive research into offerings from similar companies and apps in the United States and the United Kingdom. This research gave us broad insight into the niche in which Manifold operates.

Our highly collaborative process continued with a deep dive into their business to gain a solid understanding of their client base and the nature and impact of of the information products they offer. Leveraging this knowledge, we were able to recommend ways for them to structure and present their data offerings in a way that made them more compelling and relevant to professional market researchers, marketing decision-makers and business leaders.

Considering the brand image led us to a redesign of the logotype and icon. We created an icon, which is a pie chart made up of dots to showcase their analytics products and the vast number of data points they work with. Because the pie chart is round, it fits perfectly as the “o” in the Manifold.

To find the ideal color scheme, we considered the contribution that color makes toward telling a marketing story. We landed on yellow and black because it created a pleasing contrast and mirrored how Manifold highlights demographics within its systems for their clients. Also, yellow creates a contemporary feel and makes the design “pop.”

The braninding process led us to create a completely customized website design along with custom illustrations and icons.

To further flex our muscles as a SaaS marketing agency, we conducted a rebrand and SaaS website design for Manifold’s Polaris Intelligence SaaS application, which is an online data research solution. This was a natural outgrowth of the main redesign. Dots were used again, this time making up the “p” in Polaris.

The Results

The team at Manifold is thrilled with the award-winning outcome. “Prior to working with napkin marketing, the quality of our image did not match the professionalism of our firm and the quality of our products and services,” says CEO Jannis Mei. “Now, I feel very proud to direct prospects to our website and to send out marketing materials.”

As to be expected, Manifold is getting more out of their web presence. “As a result of the design transformation, we increased traffic to our main site by 76%,” confirms Jannis.

When we work on projects such as this, we try to leave the client with a little something extra. “napkin marketing also considered the next steps for us in terms of social media authority, webinars, and our overall long-term plan,” said Jannis. “They were ready to propose and explain how various aspects of their work for us would tie into future marketing projects. So we now have a roadmap for the future.”

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Our Clients Talk:

We had a lot of attraction at the Big Data Toronto trade show, our booth was well visited and impressed. Thank you napkin marketing for your excellent work and help, your work has really made a difference. We had a few solid leads from interested customers at the trade show and will follow up with them in the next few days.

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