big brand secrets to email marketing

Would you like to see the real email campaigns sent by companies like Dell, Sephora, Apple, Disney, Yahoo! or Chanel – without cluttering your in-box?

napkin marketing has collected and curated over 30 of the best Fortune 500 email marketing examples from these companies and more! Download our ebook today and access email campaign samples from leading brands across a diverse range of industries, including:

  • b2b email marketing samples
  • health and beauty email marketing samples
  • entertainment and movie promotion email marketing samples
  • financial and insurance email marketing samples
  • not-for-profit/ charity email marketing samples
  • real estate email marketing samples
  • restaurant and fast food email marketing samples
  • retail email marketing samples
  • technology and software email marketing samples
  • hotel and travel email marketing samples
  • political email marketing samples

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This free ebook, Big Brand Secrets to Email Marketing, features over 70 pages of email campaign examples that you’ll turn to again and again. Each email campaign profiled features the subject line, date and time sent and an in-depth review pointing out the features and strategies employed by the email marketer. So you can learn from the best, and apply leading email marketing strategies to your business.

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